Third Party Report (TPR)

Our advanced TPR (Third Party Report) is a combination of database information as well as FCRA approved records which are obtained through the county, state and federal courts, credit bureaus and state regulatory. This product is a full criminal record investigative report on your applicant with zero contact with them directly. The investigation is completed by a live experienced investigator.

We find ourselves completing many TPR reports for clients that are trying to “make heads or tails” of the information they received on a common name such as “John Smith” through a Profile Search of raw database information. Not only is the information not FCRA approved, the information is unclear and difficult to determine unless actual court records and verifiable identifiers are present to confirm current information and disposition of that record. Our reports will give you an immediate comfort level identifying and confirming the information you require through structured information sources as well as using the database information as an investigative tool.

Generally the TPR reports are slightly higher in cost, however keep in mind that this includes the following information that you may NOT see in or competitors reports:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Court records (7 year residential history included)– State or County level – Majority of Court fee’s included – FCRA compliant
  • Federal Criminal Court Records – FCRA compliant
  • Bankruptcy Summary and Voluntary petition secured – FCRA compliant
  • Credit Report – FCRA compliant
  • Filtered Search to confirm the identity of your client

Should there be an extended search required for an additional jurisdiction or longer length of time investigated, we will notify your office accordingly before incurring any additional charges.

Included in the TPR is our integrated Criminal Screen which is one of the largest database repositories of court record information across the United States. It acts as a very large net to capture a broad geographic search area of criminal court record information. To fully investigate and confirm information found in the Criminal Screen, county and state level searches are then used to confirm and capture specific details as some counties/states do not participate in providing their information to this Criminal Screen database. In order to obtain the most accurate and current verifiable details, we then obtain the information directly through the courts themselves and not just through a database hit which may or may not be stagnant or incorrect information. This search methodology is completed for all Third Party Reports so no questions are left unanswered.

All of our E-IR/TPR products include this featured product as it is designed to obtain, secure and reveal protective information for your underwriting or claims investigations.

In addition to the information provided above, any of the reports can be customized based on your specific needs. Once our respective teams have a discussion, we can create a sample report to best represent what is most appropriate for your underwriting or claims departments respectively.

We are fully capable of integrating with your current infrastructure and are able to complete this at no cost to our clients. This allows us to receive and transmit results in an efficient and secure method best suited for both parties. We have integrated with numerous insurance carriers and have vast experience in connectivity and security.