Life Inspection Reports

An Inspection Report is a direct interview with the proposed insured consisting of varying questions based on age and face amount of the application. Generally, the following information noted below is collected during the course of a standard inspection report:

  • Personal - Marital status, residence history, insurance amount and purpose.
  • Business/Occupation - Employer name, position, equity in company, duties, other affiliations.
  • Foreign Travel - Frequency, destinations etc.
  • Finances - Annual income for past two years, net worth breakdown, banking relationship(s).
  • Habits - Smoking and drinking questions, regularity/frequency, drug use, criminal activity.
  • Recreational Activities/Hazardous Hobbies - Jogging to skydiving.
  • Other Insurance Details - Amount, Company, purpose, etc.


For Corporate coverage (Business Beneficiary - KeyPerson, Buy/Sell)

  • Ownership structure
  • Corporate banking reference outlining credit lines, term loans etc.
  • Corporate accountant reference
  • Fair Market Value of Business
  • Copy of Financial statements for the past 2 years with notes included (if available).

Varying levels of confirmation are available for our inspection reports depending on your underwriting requirments. We are capable of completing reports with minimal third party verification all the way to more advanced levels and a more detailed analysis on the applicant’s business, finances and anti-selective features, such as drugs and alcohol, hazardous avocations, etc. Business, personal and financial sources are contacted to verify information such as occupation, income, net worth and personal reputation. We obtain detailed breakdown of net worth figures, and complete credit checks. We also contact professional associations, and complete bankruptcy searches, etc.