Electronic Inspection Reports - (E-IR)

The term ‘Electronic Inspection Report’ or E-IR entered the insurance industry a few years ago and refers to data gathered from third party databases and online/media sources. This is typically ‘raw data’. First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. (FFU) uses a proprietary search and data collection method which makes our report easy to read and to analyse by underwriters and claims personnel. There is no contact with the client to complete this report.

Our E-IR product is significantly different than what is provided in the industry by some of our competitors. The E-IR report we provide is based on a proprietary search method which filters out the “noise” and targets only the legitimate information for your underwriters to make a solid decision while saving numerous hours in the process. Our report differs from our competition in the following ways:


  • Filtered search – only relevant information is provided and based on a combination of Name, DOB, Address and partial SSN identifiers.
  • Credit report summary is provided.
  • Federal Criminal records are included in detail.
  • Bankruptcy case summary is provided.
  • Property Ownership/Valuation
  • All reports are reviewed and compiled by a live investigator, not a database populated summary.
  • Easy to read format.

We are fully capable of integration with your current infrastructure and are able to complete this at no cost to our clients. This allows us to receive and transmit results in an efficient and secure method best suited for both parties. We have integrated with numerous insurance carriers and have vast experience in connectivity and security.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other details or customization requests.