Additional services offered by First Financial Underwriting Services Inc

To all our valued clients,

As a matter of responsibility and in order to respect the practice of social distancing, all insurance providers have suspended services involving person to person contact such as laboratory testing, electrocardiograms and paramedial exams. As a result, carriers across all markets have adjusted their minimum age and amount requirements in order to facilitate the process given the current circumstances. First Financial Underwriting Services Inc is ready to address your business needs by offering premier telephone interviews as an alternative to the paramedical exam. Our interviews are conducted by seasoned underwriters and are available between 8am and 10pm EST. In addition to full telephone interviews, we can also complete short questionnaires for specific impairments over the phone such as diabetes, psychological issues, drug and alcohol abuse, scuba diving and aviation just to name a few.

In addition, carriers have been experiencing an increase in e-mail preliminary inquiries due to the uncertainty that COVID-19 has cast. Our team of bilingual underwriters can provide your sales force with the underwriting expertise they require for all life, critical illness and disability products.

Here is a complete list of our available underwriting services:

  • Life and living benefit underwriting
  • Expert / telephone interviews
  • Preliminary inquiries and quick quotes
  • Telephone questionnaires
  • APS requests
  • APS summaries
  • Motor Vehicle reports
  • Inspection reports and criminal history search
  • Life expectancy and fair market value assessments of insurance policies
  • Financial underwriting
  • Market research for postponed, declined and rated cases
  • Training & Development
  • Audits & Process Improvement

We tailor our service to your specific needs and can provide you with support in every aspect of the underwriting process.

Yours truly,

Ali Jalali
(800) 570 3477