Special Features

Why should you use us?

We are a National Provider of Inspections Services Our unique Electronic Requisition System.

  • Allows you to work on your schedule using a personal request number to check on your case status when it suits you.
  • Secure, password-protected system.
  • 100% user-friendly.

Guaranteed 24-hour response time between receipt of inspection request and action from our field officers 15% discount for first time users Free 30-day trial period for first ten inspection requests.

A Clear Choice Above The Rest Services


First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. is second-to-none in providing financial underwriting data, such as financial statement analysis, net worth analysis and ratio analysis in simple-to-understand terminology. Special attention is also paid to banking history, creditor security requirements and buy/sell agreements. Our professionalism allows us to work closely with the business and financial communities providing your underwriters and decision-makers with a complete and thorough understanding of the applicant's needs and reason for the insurance.

Our EXPERT Business Beneficiary Reports

Our Expert Business Beneficiary Reports provide detailed information on company operations, officers, ownership and purpose of insurance. The applicant is interviewed, along with interviews of other business references, such as company executives, CPA's, financial officers, bankers and attorneys.

Our Continued Promise

  • Courteous, tactful and thorough inspections.
  • Confidential handling of sensitive information.
  • Timely update on all active cases via Customer Service Hot Line.
  • Fast report turnaround time via Fax and E-mail.
  • Sensitivity to diverse cultural communities - Asian, Spanish, French qualified.

Please contact our Customer Service representative for a promotional package, price list and sample reports.