Customized Reports and Services

First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. offers a variety of other Reports & Services. For sensitive or high profile cases, please feel free to contact us.



Please call 1-800-570-3477 OR Email info@firstfin.com for further details.

Foreign Travel

It may be necessary, as part of the Underwriting process, to obtain detailed information on clients who travel or reside in foreign countries, especially on a regular basis.

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Second Opinion

Allow First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. to help you feel comfortable with that decision on a complex case.

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Credit Check Report

First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. completes credit checks based on Insurance face amounts, corporate ownership or as a reflexive check of information developed in third party interviews.

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Corporate Search Report

First Financial Underwriting Services Inc., through its access to many databases and government records, can complete corporate searches.

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Criminal Check Report

Criminal Checks may be ordered as a part of the Financial Underwriting process.

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Motor Vehicle Record

Motor Vehicle Report provides the Insurance Company Underwriter with information contained in the potential customer's Driving Record Abstract.

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Bankruptcy Search Report

Bankruptcy checks are obtained on both corporately owned and personal policies as an element of Financial Underwriting.

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Telephone Interview Report

Telephone Interview Report provides a range of underwriting information including employment, income, health and habits through our customer tailored questionnaires.

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Mature Market Questionnaire

First Financial Underwriting Services Inc. will complete the interviews for your mature market cases. We have in place a number of different questionnaires.

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International Inspection Reports/Income Verification

We are the first to provide international inspection reports with income verification on international books of business. Our international inspection reports will assist with your large and jumbo cases within the international market. We offer applicant based inspections and direct interviews with CPA’s and bankers throughout the world. Reports can be customized to suit your underwriting needs.

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